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At Beaver Hub we strive to understand your unique business requirements and recommend solutions that prioritise catering to your needs.  

As opposed to adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to understand your specific needs. Through this consultative process, we are able to propose fit-for-purpose solutions that are aligned to your business goals. We make recommendations that not only address your current needs but also provide long-term value.  

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Apparel Manufacturing Solutions

Our team has accumulated several decades of experience in implementing software solutions tailored to the unique requirements of apparel manufacturers. We have cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate nuances associated with garment manufacturing. Consequently, we embarked on a mission to customise one of the world's most renowned ERPs by enhancing it specifically to address the distinctive demands of apparel manufacturers.

With the objective of providing an unparalleled offering, we integrated this with leading fashion-industry solutions to offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for garment manufacturers. 

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Apparel ERP

Sewdoo is an enhanced version of the renowned Odoo ERP, tweaked for apparel manufacturers. Additionally, it is fully integrated with all our other apparel solutions.

The user-friendliness and ease of adoption makes it an excellent option for apparel manufacturers embarking on their digitisation journey.

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Vision is a Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) for apparel manufacturers that helps manage the pre-production design and development process. 

Designed for the Fashion Industry, Vision has you covered from initial concept to material development, material stocks, tech packs, sampling, costings, approvals, critical path management and lookbook creation. 

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Production Planning

The industry's leading visual 'drag and drop'  production planning and coordination tool for apparel manufacturers of all sizes.

FastReactPlan integrates capacity management, materials availability and critical path (T&A) into a single solution that helps  create a more accurate plan, thereby increasing performance to plan leading to higher productivity. 

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GSDCost is the international standard for establishing and optimising accurate method-time-cost benchmarks for sustainable garment cost optimisation and manufacturing excellence.

Considered by many Fashion Brands to be the benchmark for SMV calculation, GSDCost allows apparel manufacturers to accurately calculate SMVs and improve their production efficiency with the confidence that these values can be justified to their customers. 

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Fabric Optimisation

FastReactFabric (FRF) helps reduce fabric consumption by looking at historic trends and fabric roll information to minimise wastage by taking actual fabric widths and lengths into consideration to create optimised markers

To maximise the cost savings through these optimised markers, 'buy' suggestions are made through the system, helping you make sensible purchase decisions, avoiding excess fabric that needs to be written off at the end of the order.

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Shop Floor and Quality

Res.Q is a suite of applications designed specifically for apparel manufacturers, to help you control and optimise your factory's production floor.

Easy line layout planning considering style operation breakdown, operator skills and machinery availability. Tracking of garment production progress and WIP across sewing plus other production processes including subcontracted processes, with quality management and real-time actionable alerts.

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Generic Software Solutions

We provide a range of software solutions that help businesses digitise their processes, providing more visibility, control and cost savings. These can be used as stand-alone products to meet a specific business need or combined together for more complex scenarios. 

At our first meeting we engage in a joint discussion to understand your desired outcomes. If we have a solution that suits your needs, we proceed accordingly. In the event that we do not have a suitable solution,  we reach out to our network to help you find one. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the optimal solution, even if it means exploring options beyond our immediate offerings.

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Odoo is a suite of open source business applications that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. These can be used on their own and also integrate with each other!

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Logistics Optimisation

Cutting Edge AI Powered Optimisation of road logistics with real-time tracking of vehicles including carbon emission estimations and real-time reports to support management decision making.

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Digital Twins, AI & Simulation

The V2T DAS Engine allows us to build customised Digital Twins with Artificial Intelligence and Simulation that allows for complex scenarios to be simulated on a digital replica of your physical environment.

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Human Resources

A complete HRMS system that includes Recruitment, Employee skills, Attendance & Payroll, Expense Claims, Leave Management and Appraisals. Can be integrated with accounting and other applications as required.

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Lead generation and auto assignment of opportunities, scheduling and tracking activities, automations, plus a customer address book ensures complete pipeline management reducing potentially lost opportunities.

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A comprehensive accounting solution, customised for local requirements with advanced features such as a reconciliation tool, multi-company and multi-currency plus a dashboard for management information. 

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Web Design

SEO and Mobile optimised websites that elevate your brand. Our websites include a no-code drag and drop CMS that allows you to change the content on your own - ensuring your website is always up to date. 

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Launch your online shop or marketplace with integrated payment gateways and advanced features such as B2B special price lists, shipping cost calculations, subscriptions and digital products. 

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Purchasing & Inventory

Automated ordering based on stock levels, barcode based inventory transactions, lots and serial numbers and POS options are some of the advanced features in our Purchasing and Inventory control applications. 

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Consulting and Managed Services

Some business requirements are ad-hoc, or not frequent enough to require hiring of a full-time expert. In these situations, companies 'make-do' using internal staff with limited expertise or end up hiring a full-time employee who is busy only part time. We believe its better to outsource these services to experts, thereby ensuring a successful result at a much lower overall cost to the business - this is where we come in!

We offer completely managed services as well as consultancy and training options to meet specific business needs. 

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FOCUS Program

The FOCUS program is primarily aimed at tech businesses who wish to accelerate revenue growth. The modular program is customised to meet each client's individual needs, combining the essential elements required to successfully grow revenue.

Accelerated growth comes with its own challenges, which is why we also work with you on establishing processes to sustain this growth. FOCUS is available as both a one-off project or as an ongoing managed service.

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We selectively offer long-term consulting on Business Process Optimisation (especially around Sales, Marketing and Distribution), Digitisation, Software Selection and Startup Best Practices. 

Our consulting approach is less about telling you what needs to be done, and more about working alongside you to get it done! Due to this we focus on long-term, collaborative consulting that allow us to prove that our recommendations are completely actionable and will deliver results. 

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Software Distribution  

We are always on the lookout for unique products that solve critical business problems to augment our portfolio of solutions. 

For software vendors we offer software re-selling, implementation and support services as well as a more complete distributor service. This includes appointing and managing a global partner network, training, supporting and enabling those partners, supported by CRM and Helpdesk software to help manage the partner network. 

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