Fabric Optimisation

Control your biggest expense by combining your fabric cutting and buying operations.

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Fabric Usage Optimisation

FastReactFabric is a fabric planning solution that uniquely connects your fabric buying and fabric cutting operations into a single platform. This combination is the only way to gain the insights you need to track real-time fabric usage and wastage and efficiently plan for complex styles and colorways. FastReactFabric is the leading fabric consumption software trusted by garment manufacturers around the globe.

Fabric Buying Optimisation

360 Degree Feedback Loop

Complete loop between cutting and booking to accurately estimate fabric requirements for new buys.

CAD Integration

Integrate with different CAD software to provide instructions for marker-making and reduce manual errors.​

Speed and Accuracy

Process numerous styles at once using big data to ensure quick turnaround in shortened lead times.

Estimation Versions

Flexibility to run provisional and actual estimations and use a final version for booking and cutting.

Fabric Cutting Optimisation

Roll Allocation

Reduces end-bit waste in lay spreading by intelligently allocating fabric rolls to maximise utilisation.

Fabric Transfer

Allows the user to transfer fabric lengths from one order to another to increase fabric utilisation.

Endbits Suggestion

Saves fabric by suggesting ways to utilise eligible end bits to the upcoming lays and saving fabric in the roll form.

Inflection Alert and Replanning

Alerts the user when sufficient end bits are available to meet the fabric requirement and provides an updated plan accordingly.

Typical Benefits

Reduce planning and buying time
Reduced Fabric Costs
End-to-end fabric planning